Jon Price

Programmer & Technical Designer 

I'm Jon, a driven and collaborative programmer and technical designer with a decade of experience in creating immersive and engaging user experiences. 

Originally from Bristol, England, I now live in New York with my wife and two cats.




C++ - C# - Typescript - Javascript - HTML - CSS

Engines & Frameworks

UE5 - UE4 - Unity3D - Angular2+ - Angular 9+ 

Platform Experience

PC - MacOS - Xbox - VR - Nintendo Switch - Mobile



Multi-year member of exceptional talent development programme. Participated as multi-year reviewer for Young Game Designer programme


Navee Mentorship with Game Anglia Network 2022

Narrative Innovation (Nom.) - The Bradwell Conspiracy

MCV Awards 2020

Professional projects

Unannounced Project - A Brave Plan


UE5 - C++ - Blueprint - UMG w/ CommonUI - ImGUI - Figma - Notion

Unannounced Project - Surgent Studios

Senior Programmer

UE4 - C++ - Blueprint - ImGUI - ImGUI - Articy:Draft3

Can Androids Survive

Programming & Design

Unity3D - C#

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Programming, Design & Additional Writing

Unity3D - C# - HTML - CSS - Javascript

Aperion Cyberstorm

Programming, Design, Narrative Design & Writing

Unity3D - C#

Aperion Origins

Programming, Design

Unity3D - C#

Personal Projects

Stealth Project

UE5 - C++ - Blueprint - Behaviour Tree - UMG

Play as a human and a cat and sneak around puzzle rooms to find items, which then combine into an item that you can use to escape! 

What  started as a workbench space for me to development my skills in various mechanics and features such as AI, inventory, UI, has grown into its own.

The Show Must Go On - Global Game Jam 2020

Unity3D - C#

Four robot stage hands must keep the stage from falling apart without the (also robot) audience from noticing. Judgement comes in the form of cheers and boos, at the end of the 'play'.

For this I worked on Camera, Interactables mechanic, Audience engagement mechanic, UI